Book Review of Patient Zero (Joe Ledger #1)

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Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Release Date: March 3rd, 2009
Pages: 421
Genre: Adult, Horror, TechnoThriller
Series: Joe Ledger #1
*I own a copy of this book.

Patient Zero (Joe Ledger, #1)Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there’s either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills… and there’s nothing wrong with Joe Ledger’s skills.  And that’s both a good, and a bad thing.  It’s good because he’s a Baltimore detective that has just been secretly recruited by the government to lead a new taskforce created to deal with the problems that Homeland Security can’t handle. This rapid response group is called the Department of Military Sciences or the DMS for short. It’s bad because his first mission is to help stop a group of terrorists from releasing a dreadful bio-weapon that can turn ordinary people into zombies. The fate of the world hangs in the balance….


What a wonderfully horrifying addition to zombie literature. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was gory, bloody, thrilling, and a whole lot of fun. It’s totally not something I would have picked out to read on my own, but I’m certainly glad I won a copy. It really opened up a whole new realm of reading for me. I could not put it down.

Now you should know I had high as heck expectations going into this book because of all the fantabulous things I have heard about Mr. Maberry. And I am happy to say that I was just as impressed as everyone else. His skills are impeccable. There wasn’t a darn thing about this book that I would have changed. It was really that good.

I want to talk about the imagery for a second, because that is what really worked for me. I can very clearly remember snapshots of scenes playing out in my head. Sort of like an action movie. But better, because the author helped me to be able to create it in my own mind. The chapters where the DMS invaded the warehouses and took down the terrorists and the zombies just blew me away. Seriously. It was sooo good you guys. And the thing was, the settings were not overly described at all. There was just enough there for you to make that picture yourself. And the pacing was so spot on. I can’t even describe in words how good this was.

I have the next two books in the series sitting unread on my shelf. I can’t wait to get to them and I wish I could just pick them up and read now, but I can’t. I have to stick with my system. But guys, if you have not started this series yet, and you are looking for something thrilling, suspenseful, and you have a thing for zombies, look no further. This is it. There is no better. I promise.

To order a copy from, click here: Patient Zero.

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  1. I totally just bought this! Ashley has RAVED about Jonathan forever, and then you’re review ROCKED, so I had to get it! Got it for like $3 as a used paperback on Amazon! Win!

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