Book Review- Bridger by Megan Curd

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Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 4th, 2011
Pages: E-copy
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Bridger (Bridger, #1)Bridger by Megan Curd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

Ashlyn McVean doesn’t believe in fairy tales. That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago. After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam. As if being on a centuries old hit list and dealing with crazed pixies isn’t enough, her new abilities mean trouble for Liam. Knowing her new life puts everyone she loves in danger, Ashlyn must decide what’s most important in her life between friends, family, love, and ultimately, realms.


The author sent me this book to read and review and I really liked it! The paranormal YA genre has gotten kind of cliche and stupid lately, if you ask me, so it’s nice to see something different and refreshing when it pops up.

I was really impressed with the mythology and thought large parts of Bridger were extremely original, which I really enjoyed. I don’t believe I have read a book about changelings yet, and if I have, it wasn’t very memorable. The plot was a lot of fun and I really appreciate what the author tried to do here.

Let’s talk characters. Oh my, I loved Memaw so much. She’s probably one of my top characters so far this year. She was such an awesome and tough lady, but incredibly loveable and I really thought she was developed well. I liked Ashlyn as well and enjoyed watching her relationship with Memaw unfold. But I do have to talk about one thing that bothered me. The relationship between Ashlyn and Liam developed too quickly. I am extremely annoyed by insta-love relationships. That and there was a lack of sexual tension so I wasn’t really feeling the love. Later on in the novel when we meet Antony and he flirts with Ashlyn, well I thought that was written really well and what was missing from Ash and Liam’s relationship.

The pacing was a bit off too. There were a few parts where I wondered when something was going to happen and hoping that it would happen soon. I lost focus in a couple of places and if I had edited it I would have tightened those up. But it wasn’t anything major.

Overall a very fun read with a different twist on the ya paranormal genre that I think most readers will enjoy.

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