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I just wanted to write a quick blog post to let you all know a couple of things. First, I will be reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut for the month of May. That’s the book that won my classic poll. I will read it throughout May and then write my review. It may take me awhile, because I don’t rush through classics. Sometimes because I don’t like them (LOL) and sometimes because I want to savor them. But either way, I will finish it and review it sometime during the month of May.

Next thing: I had a LOT of comments on my blog about book-reviewing and I just wanted to do a quick follow-up to that, rather then have my response get lost in the barrage of comments on that page.  I wanted to clarify how I review, when I don’t do a review and that sort of thing, since some comments were a little unsure of how I do that.

I don’t like to give bad reviews. I try not to. But there are times when I just have to. Sometimes I will read a book all the way through and be disappointed by the ending. Sometimes I was enjoying it enough not to put it down, but enough to keep reading and then it ends up getting 3 stars. I try not to give up on books. Sometimes you just can’t help it though. I have an entire shelf on my Goodreads profile that consists of books that I couldn’t get through for whatever reason. When this happens though, I generally wouldn’t post my review up on this blog. I do a quick write-up on my Goodreads account about why I couldn’t get through it, but I won’t post it here. So the only reviews that are here at this point are books that I have finished. And I intend to have that continue since it seems to be working. And I will only review a book that I haven’t finished if I feel I have read enough of it to get a good feel for what the author was trying to accomplish.

I am one of the reviewers that can separate my preferences for books that I like and still know whether a book is well-written. I read plenty of books that aren’t in my preferred genre, yet I can still tell whether it is a good book or not. Basically I am able to separate my feelings and still properly review a book. And I still enjoy it. I find my preferences expanding a lot and I don’t like to not read a book..EVER. Because I might pass up on a gem that I might really love. I love reading that much. Reading is never work to me. And if it ever starts feeling that way, I will have to change my policy. So I usually only turn a book down if I don’t think I will have time to get to it. I take my hobby, job, whatever you want to call it, very seriously.

I hope this answered any questions you may have had left from reading my last blog. If you still have more, feel free to ask them in the comments. <3

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  1. Good luck with Slaughterhouse Five! That was on my unfinished reads pile. Not the biggest Vonnegut fan. But I can appreciate his style.

    I’m like you with the classics. There’s some I’ve even rated lower than the sparkly vamps series. I feel some shame, but not too much. Just because they’re classics does not mean they are always all full of awesome!

    I can separate my feelings for a review, too. I can see quality and talent and will give credit for it. It just won’t land one of my off-the-charts ratings. Those are reserved for books I fall in love with.

    Also like you I never like to pass anything up without giving it a try. It’s how I discovered Maria V. Snyder’s Inside Out/Outside In books. Not completely my genre, but I thought the first book was really quite masterfully done.

    I like the idea of a quick write-up on Goodreads for unfinished books, although as you can see from my comments I tend to ramble and it might not be so quick.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of Slaughterhouse Five!

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