Aug 01 2015

Garden Gazette: July Wrap-Up

Garden Gazette: July Wrap-Up


The Garden Gazette is a feature here at Great Imaginations. Instead of doing weekly Stacking the Shelves posts, we’re going to be doing a monthly wrap-up on the last Saturday of every month. This will open up the weekends for more posts from us, and is also another way to bring the three of us together in one post – which is one of our favorite parts of co-blogging! The Garden Gazette will include our book hauls, past posts, challenge updates, and more.

Kara: July was a hell of a month. Financially, I am paying for two properties still because my lease is not up until August 10th, so I have to make a mortgage …

Jul 31 2015

Forgotten Fridays: Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Forgotten Fridays: Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Forgotten Fridays is a monthly feature here where the three of us get together to read an older book and discuss it. There are sometimes spoilers, but we always try our best to avoid them.

Pixie: So did any of us actually finish this one?

Lyn: I (unfortunately) did.

Kara: Why does it seem like we are always the black sheep on loved books? I DNFed at 27%. These female characters made me RAGEEEEE.


Pixie: I tried to finish, but I really got way too bored and couldn’t take it. Put it down close to the halfway point.

Kara: Haha, I am glad we are all just fine with each other DNFing our Forgotten Fridays …

Jul 30 2015

Group Review: Silver in the Blood

Group Review: Silver in the Blood

One of my favorite things about blogging is reviewing books as a team. Jessie at Ageless Pages Review joins me today for the review of Silver in the Blood. We have some very conflicting feelings regarding the novel. If nothing else, the book allowed us to discuss our reflection of the book.


Jessie: You ready to talk Silver in the Blood, lady??

Lyn: Yes, ma’am!

Alright, so, did you feel like this was more MG than YA at times?

Jessie: Yes! A lot of the journal entries and letters especially felt younger to me

They just read very basic and unsubtle

Lyn: That was pretty much the entire feel for me. Very basic. At times, the book pulled through and got interesting, but then it fizzled …

Jul 29 2015

Imaginative Discussions: So Someone Didn’t Like the Book You Love

Imaginative Discussions: So Someone Didn’t Like the Book You Love

I love you all. I have written many times on how the book community has actually helped mold me into a better person. I’m a lot more mature and open to different views. I no longer believe a disagreement is a personal insult. I am more aware and sensitive to social injustice. The blogging community gets a lot of heat, but there are a TON of good things that outweigh the bad things.

I have become so comfortable with the mature* –

*so mature

-atmosphere, that I often forget that there are others that are, let’s say, less bookishly evolved than us. Sadly, Goodreads and the internet still have its fair share of readers that are of the old mindset. I’ve …

Jul 28 2015

Book Review: Bright Lights, Dark Nights

Book Review: Bright Lights, Dark Nights

I went into this one, not knowing what to expect. There wasn’t a lot of buzz on this one, but the cover was so beautiful that I couldn’t pass it up! In fact, I was expecting a comic when I downloaded this one. The book does have quite a few graphics, but it is not a graphic novel.

Bright Light, Dark Nights is beautiful and heartbreaking, and there is going to be a lot of table smashing and wall kicking with this one, because despite the cute cover and the sweet description, this book hits hard with some very controversial themes.

When I discuss a novel, I usually start with the characters, since it is my main focus in a novel. However, the …

Jul 27 2015

Book Review: Those Who Wish Me Dead

Book Review: Those Who Wish Me Dead

When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of thrillers. I’m 34, so young adult as an age category was still growing and there wasn’t a lot out there for me to choose from–not like there is now anyway. I still read what was there, but I read a lot of the adult books my parents were reading at the time, and so I read lots of thrillers and adventure fiction–good and bad. I think I would HATE a lot of what I read then now because I am so much pickier. Some of the writing was terrible, the twists predictable. But I was reading, and I was enjoying myself, and that’s all that matters. Nowadays, though, …